piątek, 14 października 2011

An unexpected position change/ Lithuania & Latvia.

          A week ago I found myself near Poland's eastern border. What else could I do? I crossed it. Actually I went a bit further. In nearly two days I went to Vilnius, Kėdainiai and Riga. It was fun. Next time I'm planning to reach Tallin. 
          I've always had this hunger for travel. Especially to the East. 
          All photos by Mad Alice. 

Kėdainiai is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania. It's rather sparsely populated (nearly 30,000 people live there).
 But it has awesome pigūs rūbai!
 Which means second-hands!
And Riga, you are a true beauty. 
The old town:
Been there. It's really good muzejs.
Antique shop:
 And one of my favourite parts: Riga's flea market: 
 Unexpected meetings:
 Yes, it's authenic:
That building in the background strongly reminds me of some other building. Actually it's quite the same as this other building. Any ideas?

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