czwartek, 14 lipca 2011

Back from Roskilde.

          Yes, I'm back. And I must say... I'm not happy about that. It's been over a week since I came to Poland but my mind is still in Denmark (my luggage actually stayed in Copenhagen much longer because it was lost, lucky thing). I was positively surprised with the Dans. They are so much ... happier? They surely smile more, they're more easy-going, more fun loving, more open-minded and more fashionable in comparison to the Poles, who are always complaining. And definitely more beautiful. I liked them. I felt relaxed and safe around them. They are more civilised in general.
         Roskilde Festival. If you want to have fun with fun loving people - go there. The atmophere is awesome. The people are extremly friendly. Everybody was having fun without jumping on each others back. You can easily stand in the front row without being worried about losing your life. The festival organisation is great. You get what you paid for. And if you win the H&M contest, you don't pay for anything, and get even more. That's me. I brought an H&M's sleeping bag back home. I don't know if I was supposed to but it's soooo cute. The Korean and Czech girl took theirs as well... (you don't have to bring your tent, sleeping bag, towels or even hair dryer on Reboot Camp because it's already there) 
           First, the H&M Reboot Camp. If you want some peace, clean showers and toilets, handsome boys in Joe & The Juice, style lounge more fashionably dressed people and great food, go there. The H&M crew is extremely friendly and always ready to help you with anything. They've got everything there. The Reboot Camp is a bit different from the Roskilde's camping site, where the party and the dirt never end. I'm thinking about staying at the Roskilde camp next year. I think I want to get closer to the real festival party animals.       
 Even when it rained and I slept in a wet tent I was pretty happy. 
          Saw a lot of great concerts like Foals (6/10), PJ Harvey (7/10), Matthew Dear Live Band (5/10), Kurt Vile  & The Violators (9/10), James Blake (6/10), The Strokes (7/10), Lykke Li (9/10), Gold Panda (7/10) and Battles (9/10), The Tallest Man on Earth (6/10). And a few boring ones, of course. Here's Kurt Vile & The Violators:
          Matthew Dear Live Band was good but far too loud. I stood in the front row and I'm really surprised I didn't become deaf. And he didn't play "Deserter". But he had a really nice suit. OK Matthew, you have a second chance at OFF Festival in Poland soon. So, don't spoil it, my Dear.
          My companion. Kate. She loves fashion, too, so we were a really great team when we were searching for looks. She's got a really nice blog which you can see here: FUR MUSIC. On this photo we are waiting for The Strokes backstage. Yup, I was there for four songs. It looked really amazing from the other side. Especially when you see the couple of thousands people in the crowd. And when Julian Casablancas sees you and starts walking in your direction during the concert.
Wellingtons were very uselfull, as I thoungth they would be.
          Ok. And here are the looks I spoted at Roskilde. There was a competition and voting for the best picture among all Trend Scouts did at Roskilde Festival but it's over now. The prize for the most votes was a 1000 euro worth coupon you can spend at H&M. It would be nice but I think the prize might be more useful for the other trend scouts. I have too many clothes already. Winning 1000 euro for shopping would be a disaster...
          There were three categories of the photos. These are mine. The Rock Look:
 Chill Out Look:
...and Bohemian Luxe Look:
          I'm not gonna explain myself but I have to say that the weather was extremly unfriendly sometimes and it was really hard to find someone not wearing a raincoat. Despite the quality of my photos (of which I am not too proud) I had a great time watching, chasing and photographing people. I gained a lot of expierence and now I feel more confident about stoping people on the street and asking them about taking their photos. Well, people in Poland are more grumpy, but I will take it as a challenge.
          This trip was not only a great expierence and opportunity to meet new people. I have learned few things. First that fashion can be realxed, easy-going and natural, whithout stressed people looking at each other and comparing who's got a more expensive/ vintage/ extravagant/ fashionable look. It can all go in harmony. There should be enough space for everyone. Yes, it's surprising for a girl from Poland. The second thing: you can pick up garbage from the ground because you are a volunteer or drive a forklift at the festival and still look awesome and fashionable (yes, I have seen girl who was driving a forklift and I couldn't believe she could actually look good sitting in something like that). No matter what you're doing, if you got it, you got it and nothing's gonna kill it. Even a forklift. And the last thing: there is something like sweet tomato jam. And it's delicious. 
          If I missed somethig, sorry. I believe that the more you look at the photos you took or the more you talk about something, the more you start to forget the true picture and remember only those things that you pictured or talked about a few times. I want to keep my memories clear so I'm ending this post, closing my eyes and trying to remember Roskilde Festival as it was.

Mad Alice