niedziela, 8 grudnia 2013

chain blues

          Yeah it's me again! I'm not sure if I'm back here for good... but well, at least I can promise I'll try to publish some stuff here more often. London takes away all my time. Actually it's quite annoying. Anyways: H&M necklace from the sale and 9h of work. Ta-da! 

czwartek, 18 kwietnia 2013

Saint Laurent Music Project

Saint Laurent campaign
'Saint Laurent Music Project'
autumn/winter 2013 
photos: Hedi Slimane
starring: Marilyn Manson, Kim Gordon, Ariel Pink & Courtney Love

this is great

sobota, 30 marca 2013

new skirt

          I'm gonna go to hell. And it's because of this skirt. It doesn't match anything from my wardrobe. It doesn't match my style. Seriously, it's an alien to me. But I just couldn't help myself and ended up buying it. And I really like it. I'm looking forward for some hot summer days & nights to finally wear it. No signs of spring so far, so I have some time until then to figure out how to squeeze it into my style. Stay in touch. Kiss kiss.
               Btw: the knickers you can see underneath are sewed up with the skirt. They are together. 

środa, 2 stycznia 2013

Shenanigans with satyr

            Yeah, I've bought a bomber jacket before it was cool. It has been buried deep inside my closet for a very long time, before I decided I'm going to wear it. Cost me almost nothing, because I found it in second-hand store. Same old, I know. Everybody seems to like it, so I've decided to show it here. It's quite out of my style range, but why not to try something new? Satyr said he likes it too. 
            Oh wait, there're some news! I'm moving to London soon. Very soon. This month actually. It came out rather spontaneous, but I'm really excited to do this. One way ticket and all that stuff. I need some change. I need to try something new. So, why not? I don't have any place to live there or I didn't find a job yet, but it doesn't bother me much. I'm quite sure I'll figure out something. There is one Russian saying that I like in particular and which I repeat to myself. It goes: he who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne.