wtorek, 28 czerwca 2011

Roskilde Festival

              So, tomorrow I’m heading to Roskilde Festival. Besides listening to music and having great time I will be shooting photos of the best dressed at the festival. The photos I’ll take will be uploaded at H&M fan page each day. You know what I mean, vote for mine, sweeties. There will be three categories which you will be voting in: Rock Look, Chill Out Look and Bohemian Luxe Look. If I get the most votes I’ll probably win something again. Stay in touch. 

xx Mad Alice

niedziela, 26 czerwca 2011

Vagabond forever

Dear Vagabond.
I love You.
I love You even more when sales begin.
Yours sincerely - Mad Alice.

piątek, 24 czerwca 2011

Nostalgic leather by Nutsa Modebadze

               Nutsa Modebadze is a talented designer from Moscow, Russia. She mainly uses leather. She makes all kinds of bags, wallets, shoes and accessories such as lovely bow ties. All of them are hand-made and really unique. The way she treats leather gives her designes a bit of an nostalgic, old-fashioned feeling. Sometimes her works remind those old bags, touched by the passage of time, which our great-grandmothers used to have. But they are very modern at the same time with their minimalistic cuts and shapes. You can see more of those beautiful designes at Nutsa Modebadze site. Here are some examples:


sobota, 11 czerwca 2011

Festival time!

One of the most important things at the festivals: wellingtons. Check! I bought these today in a sport store in the horse riders section. They fit me well and they're really comfortable. 
 I know you all like my Adidas shorts. No, they aren't any Adidas Originals. I found them at a secon-hand store (what a surprise). They're 100% old school, they're pink and I love them. I think they match my wellingtons really well.
I'm going at Roskilde Festival btw

poniedziałek, 6 czerwca 2011

Thank you H&M

            Thank you H&M not only for those awesome Mexican scull-pattern socks but clean socks in general. Lately I don't even have time to do the washing. And thank you H&M for giving me an opportunity to win the trip to Roskilde Festival in the end of the June where I will be one of the thirteen trend scouts from all over the world shooting people's outfits for a few days with the newest Sony Nex camera that you gave me. Really, thanks. 

Wild Beasts "We Still Got The Taste Dancin' On Our Tongues"

I like to slip into their music.

piątek, 3 czerwca 2011

Now you're careful what you fall into.

Mad Alice Photography & Style Mad Alice
model: Natalia Gilewska
Just spontaneous photo shoot.
You can see the other photos from this shoot on my photographic blog HERE