poniedziałek, 16 maja 2011

Lady Gaga for V Magazine 71

Just watch this video. God damn, she's awesome.

Lady Gaga's cover story from V71, interview by Elton John: read HERE

wtorek, 10 maja 2011


    I'm a bit confused person lately. No, I'm totally confused. And I'm not dazed at all. I would like to leave everything here behind and move somewhere else. Meet some new people with a different mentality. I think it could be a solution. Sometimes, I have this really strong feeling that all this stuff here is not worth trying. No, it's not an escape. I just need to change something in my life from time to time. In other case I'm starting to suffocate. And I'm getting dumber too. Just like right now. 

    It's my blog, ok? I can complain here, right?

    btw: I hate spring. It always brings me down.

niedziela, 1 maja 2011

Warpaint "Undertow"

Rubik's Cube necklase

 How cool is that? Huh? A perfect solution for boring people or parties, isn't it? Probably my favourite accessory right now. First, I've bought one for my friend as a birthday present, than I just had to buy another one for myself...