niedziela, 25 września 2011

nümph jumper

              I'm lucky not only to have awesome second-hands in Białystok, but also great outlets with really low prices. For example I can buy Danish brands like nümph or RÜTME, whitch are mostly unreachable here in Poland. What's more, some of these clothes are sale samples. So it's like double fun to buy and wear them. Sometimes they make clothes which are a little bit too abstract (especially RÜTME), but some other time I simply fall in love with their design. Below you can see the nümph jumper I've recently bought. It's really light and I love how it "flows" as I walk. All these frills are wave gently and make this impression that the whole jumper is "moving". Underneath I'm wearing H&M Trend top. 
              Photos by Mad Alice. 

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